Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have a laptop that has no "legacy" connection ports on it. It also has no internal floppy or CD/DVD drives. It has one USB connection, an IrDA port, a modem, and a PCMCIA slot.

It is a Sony Picturebook PCG-C1.

When I recieved it, Japanese Windows 2000 was installed on it. It wasn't useful to me because I don't read Japanese so I wiped the drive and attempted to install English Windows 2000 on it.

That turned out to be a mistake.

Long story short: For three years I've been trying to get a cd-rom connected via PCMCIA to ATA ATAPI adapter so I could install a new OS on it (I've decided to go with Puppy Linux).

I finally found some 16 bit PCMCIA drivers that work for DOS. I'm bootstrapping up from that.

You can download the drivers here. 

The DOS drivers are located in the PCMIDE folder.

Here are the config.sys and autoexec.bat files I used:


device=statpcdm.sys /d:CDdrive


MSCDEX /d:CDdrive /M:10

I started with a custom Windows 98 boot disk from

You can write the image using WinImage or FDimage.

The readme file in the PCMIDE directory covers all this and removeable hard drives and LS120 drives.

It such a good feeling having overcome this problem and I hope I can help someone else with this pcmcia to ata atapi adapter for dos, windows 98, 2000, xp drivers.

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